AI-powered online education

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All in one digital teaching platform.

Oktopi is a digital platform designed to provide educators with the power to ignite their teaching journeys, students with a tailored and enjoyable learning experience, and parents with an on-the-go education system they can trust.

Consider us a one-stop-shop for digital learning that makes technology work for you. We combined AI-powered learning management systems with an easy-to-use and practical interface to help teachers and students achieve their learning goals.

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We're removing the "stress" from online teaching!

All you need under one platform

We’ve combined all the tools you need to run your classes efficiently and chaos-free.

Optimize your learning journeys

With Data-driven insights and dashboards you can maximize each student’s individual learning journey.

Collaborate, the Smart Way!

Benefit from our seamless collaboration tools to communicate with students and their parents with ease, anytime and anywhere.

Easily customize your curriculum

You’re in the driver seat thanks to fully customizable courses and smart homework capabilities 

Enjoy a seamless digital teaching experience.

Our custom-made teaching tools will help you focus on the bigger picture and maximize your teaching efforts.

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1. AI-Powered Education

We know every single teacher and class is unique, so let our intelligent AI system help you customize the learning journeys you offer your students.

2. Lesson Planner

Plan and build your classes with ease. Get a bird's eye view so you can improve and innovate your courses as you see fit!

3. Content and Homework Creator

You can now create and share personalized content and homework with just a few clicks.

4. Intuitive Class Manager

Manage your students and keep them engaged with seamless planning.

5. Seamless Communication Tools

Easily collaborate with parents and students for an enhanced learning journey.

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